Saturday, July 21, 2012

Matchbox Ford Escort RS2000

I just got hold of this Matchbox Ford Escort recently at a reasonable price from a friend. This isn't a hard to get Matchbox but I didn't want to specially get it unless it comes along my way. Matchbox Ford Escort is available easily through online auctions so there isn't a hurry unless it is a Mandarin or a Cherica.
I am featuring this Escort because I had one when I was very young but I only had it for less than a day. I can't remember which year was that (could be early 80s) and I think I was not more than 5 years old then. My parents brought me to a departmental store (and I can't remember which departmental store) which was dimly lit. I was brought to the toy department and there is a display case full of Matchbox toy cars. It didn't take me too long to pick my toy of the day. You guessed it, it was this Ford Escort. We went straight to our aunt's place after buying the toy. I had some toy car fun with my cousin who also had many Tomica and Matchbox. I guessed I didn't really like this Escort very much so I gave it to my cousin without bringing it home.
Although I owned this toy for less than a day but I didn't erased it away from my memory. Probably it was a toy bought for me by my parents. I don't know how many variants of this Escort are made but this one should be close enough. I can remember that there is a "Shell" logo on the Escort. I finally get to own this toy car after many years.


  1. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Cx-sc-2zodw/T7ekX_BN2JI/AAAAAAAAEfw/ZTk2AKj37so/s320/rps20120519_152313.jpg

    sir can i know where is this? cus im in taiwan till nextweek. the address if you can give me.. please email to amirulikram6@live.com thanks.