Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kombie in Bangkok, Thailand

I haven't been to Bangkok for 7 years and this time I have stayed in Holiday Inn Express which is a new hotel just opposite to the National Stadium.

I requested for Thai food on our first dinner. 

Loft is a place I will visit whenever I visit Bangkok. They are still surviving today after my last visit 7 years ago. Loft is a Japanese lifestyle shop which sells household items, gifts, toys, stationary, fashion all in one shop.

I can get all these in Singapore at lower prices.

Tomica selection is limited and more expensive than Singapore. I thought Tomica in Singapore is considered expensive already.

So I bought some Aoshima since they are cheaper than Tomica and we don't have them in Singapore.

Then we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner.

Next day, we went to China Town where there are many shops doing wholesale. There is also one full stretch of toy shops.

 More toy shops.

Sorry, my hand shakes while taking picture of this shop. Saw some VW Microbus and truck which might be Kinsmart, wanted to buy it for a friend. I asked for the price and that really shocked me as the lady in red told me it's 1500 Baht for one. I saw some in MBK for 290 Baht but that price is already high for a Kinsmart.

China Town Scala, heard that it started from a roadside stall and grew into a restaurant today.

We went to a Chinese medical shop to buy some stuff.

Last stop in Bangkok, time to go home the next day. Time to prepare for another trip.


  1. Glad to see that you had a good time at Bangkok! Honestly though, how is Tomica so much more expensive at Thailand? Maybe it's more rare over there?

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  3. Hey the Aoshima police cars are awesome its worth buying i bought almost every model.All Nissans And Awesome detail on each model